2017- Ist Place (Participation Prize) in BioArt competition (virtual life theme) hosted by  Medicinal Bioconvergence Research Center (Biocon) from Seoul National University, Seoulin Bio Science,  and Gwacheon National Science Museum

2016- Merit award of Portret/4EDYCJA competition hosted by

2015- Honorable mention in Photomanipulation (professional) in Fine Art Photography Award

2014- Finalist of Wedding & Portrait Exposée competition hosted by TZ International Photography and Art Community

2014-  2x Grand Prix of Sturm und Drang category and overall winner in Goethe Days photography competition hosted by Świdnica Independent Photography

2014- Winner of regional stage of  Discover Europe competition hosted by Erasmus Student Network

2014- Merit award of Human, nature competition hosted by Helion press and

2014- Merit award of Frenzy competition hosted by fineLIFE magazine and Digital Open Group Sp. z o.o

2014- Finalist of Creatives Rising competition hosted by

2013- Merit award in Hiii Photography competition hosted by Hiii Brand

2012- Viva Photo Award in Object category hosted by Viva! magazine

2011- 2nd place in Tak Miło(sz)! competition hosted by Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and Association of Graphics Design Creators

2011- Finalist of Drawn this way competition hosted by V Magazine and Lady Gaga

2009- Honorable mention in Camp – unrestrained sensivity competition hosted by mLodzi gallery in Łódź

2008- Ist Place in Photo-Graphic Master II competition hosted by by Postsecondary School of Information Technology and Management In Bialystok

2008- Winner of Creativity competition (in Photography category) hosted by Mosaicglobe

2007- Winner of the Moleskine Challenge hosted by Heelpress

2005- Silver GAPA (in Drawing and Graphics category) at the Grudziądz Amateur Artistic Presentations

2003- Golden GAPA (in Drawing and Graphics category) at the Grudziądz Amateur Artistic Presentations


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